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[ 26 Jun 2012 | No Comment ]

When we talk disasters we spend a lot of time focusing on our physical health and our “things” and seldom discuss our mental health. Whether its your run of the mill thunderstorm or the zombie apocalypse ( I joke, I think), disasters can be mentally exhausting and damaging. So as the daughter of a mental health guru, I feel compelled, or maybe obligated (Hi Dad) to install you with some disaster mental health information, my little disaster preparedness minions!
Being impacted by a disaster …

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[ 20 Jun 2012 | No Comment ]

I’m back! I am sure many of your lives felt empty these past two weeks without me, but fear not, we are back to our regularly schedule program! This week I want to talk to you a little bit about the dangers of social media. Now before you roll your eyes thinking I am a social media hater, let me say there is probably no one who loves it more. It keeps me up to date on friends and family I don’t get …

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[ 29 May 2012 | No Comment ]

This week marks National Hurricane Awareness Week and like last weeks topic of earthquakes, hurricanes are one of those rare dangers we seldom think of. If you’re like my family and friends, hurricanes don’t really cross our minds unless we’re discussing whether or not to get hurricane insurance for our annual summer trip to the coast.
Last years Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Irene were a rude awakening for many, but for many more it was a very rainy weekend that they have since forgotten about. …

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[ 21 May 2012 | No Comment ]

Before I go deep into this week’s topic, I must give credit to my sister (or I’ll never hear the end of it). After reading my blog last week, she was quick to tell me what she thought I should talk about next – earthquakes!
She was pretty adamant about this as she explained during last summers east coast earthquake the folks from her company working in the Washington D.C. area were frantic and had no clue what to do. I witnessed the same thing happen …

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[ 15 May 2012 | No Comment ]

At any given moment across the United States thousands of people are facing the most frightening moment in their lives and dialing 9-1-1 for help. Dispatchers across the nation answer these calls and send help. At the same time dispatchers and 9-1-1 lines are being inundated and tied up but accidental 9-1-1 calls, preventable, accidental 9-1-1 calls.
If your anything like me, you don’t go anywhere without your cell phone. Which means, also like me, sometimes that phone gets shoved in a back …

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[ 8 May 2012 | No Comment ]

Every winter I am baffled, befuddled and blown away by the chaos that unfolds in grocery stores across our area when there is snow in the forecast. People scramble to buy milk, bread and toilet paper in anticipation of flurries. We live in Pennsylvania folks, it snows! Well it used to anyway.
Recent mild streak aside winters around here are unpredictable; rain, snow, sleet, wind, ice, it happens every year in one form or another! So why do we act shocked and frantic by …

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[ 1 May 2012 | No Comment ]

I am a firm believer that preparedness is a slow and steady process.
You will not find me telling you to rush out and drop thousands of dollars on emergency supplies or that you should spend ever waking moment becoming a master of disaster. It’s about baby steps people.
And this week’s baby step is a simple one…be phone smart!
One of the most valuable tools we have during a disaster is a phone.  A phone during a disaster or emergency allows us to call for help, check on loved …

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[ 25 Apr 2012 | No Comment ]

Being a spokesperson for the Cumberland County Department of Public Safety, I am in the business of preparing for and expecting the unexpected.
As I write my this blog post, snow is wreaking havoc in Pennsylvania and the Governor has declared an emergency for parts of the state, in April no less. Could I ask for a more dramatic and appropriate entry into the Ship News Now world?  Probably not.
My name is Meg Silverstrim and this is the start of my blog on all things disaster, emergency and …