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SU’s In Motion Dance Troup kicks off spring semester

13 February 2013 No Comment

Guest Writer/The Slate

In Motion Dance Troupe performs Feb. 7 at Memorial Auditorium at Shippensburg University. (Courtesy)

On the weekend of Feb. 7 dozens of students, parents and community members arrived at Memorial Auditorium at Shippensburg University to watch In Motion Dance Troupe perform its spring-semester recital.

The members showcased a wide variety of dance styles, coupled with a personal touch that allowed the audience to be engaged in the group’s individual personalities.

All of the dances performed by the team were choreographed by the dancers themselves. A refreshing variety of styles were incorporated into the recital including contemporary, tap, hip-hop and jazz.

The audience was kept on its toes with the changing dance genres and creative choreography.

Between songs and outfit changes, the team projected short films spotlighting each dancer. The audience was in stitches after watching interview videos and childhood photographs on the screen.

Director Lara Graham explained the family-like atmosphere of the dance troupe.

In Motion Dance Troupe

“We welcome all dancers. When I joined I had 20 friends immediately. My friends are the people that I’ve been dancing with since I was young,” Graham said.

Graham is a senior and an English major with a writing emphasis. She has been a part of In Motion Dance Troupe for her four years at Shippensburg.

Her enthusiasm for dance shows in her dedication to the team. She explained, “We do any type of dance. During the show, anyone can choreograph.”

Aside from dance recitals, the dance troupe participates at the Spirit Rally and competitions. A

t the conclusion of the recital, a sentimental video was played in dedication to the graduating seniors, coupled with a moving dance that expressed the genuine friendships that have formed through In Motion Dance Troupe.

It was evident through the cheers that the audience appreciated the creative lighting techniques, inventive costumes and original dance choreography that represented a wide spectrum of dance styles. S

hippensburg’s In Motion Dance Troupe represents the unique and individual personalities of their group members through dance.

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