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BLOG: Movies to beat the winter blahs

20 February 2013 No Comment


In the winter months, there isn’t always much going on around Shippensburg. With snow potentially canceling events and chilly weather making people want to hibernate, watching a movie can be an enjoyable and low-key way to spend an afternoon or evening.
If you want to venture out to the local Chambersburg Mall, here are three movies currently showing at the Carmike movie theater that I recommend:

Side Effects – Things aren’t what they seem in this thriller. Whether you go with a date or your best friend, you’ll be dissecting the plot twists and turns of this one on the ride home.


Identity Thief – This comedy is great for anyone who loves a laugh. The plot is light and uncomplicated, with lots of laughs and a sentimental ending.

Safe Haven – Ladies, even though this lovefest will make you want to snuggle with that special someone, take your girlfriends and spare your significant other from this chick flick. This movie is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, whose novels are as romantic as roses and candlelight.

If the snow and chilly air make you want to stay on the couch and have a movie night at home, here are some of my top picks for movies that have recently been released on DVD:

For a Good Time Call – I thought this movie about two roommates who start an adult telephone hotline was hysterical, and a little bit racy, so I’d recommend it for a girl’s night in the dorm room for college students.


Fun Size – Although this movie about a Halloween trick-or-treat night was produced by the Nickelodeon company, which specializes in cartoons for the elementary age group, I considered this movie better suited to teenagers due to some of the content. Younger kids will still enjoy it and there isn’t anything too scandalous, making it a good pick for a high school or college student stuck babysitting their younger siblings or the neighbor kids.

Alex Cross – This movie got poor reviews by those who loved the literary series by James Patterson, which inspired this film. I haven’t read any of the novels, and I thought Tyler Perry did a fantastic job as a psychologist-turned-homicide-investigator. Matthew Fox was a pretty good-looking bad guy too. Recommended for guys, or a date night if your lady doesn’t mind an action flick.

(Warner Bros.)

Argo – Anyone who enjoys current events, history, international relations or even just a suspenseful movie with a few laughs will enjoy this movie depicting the Iranian hostage crisis that occurred in the early 1980s. I had no prior knowledge of this event but still found the plot easy to follow. Actors John Goodman and Alan Arkin have small roles but bring big laughs to their scenes.

Netflix and Blockbuster both offer rentals by mail, and Netflix also offers streaming from your computer or video game player. For only a dollar or two, you can also opt to rent a movie from Redbox by stopping by one of the four kiosk locations in Shippensburg at the Giant supermarket, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy and the Turkey Hill convenience store. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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