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BLOG: Get the darn tissues

6 February 2013 No Comment


That’s how I feel when the Superbowl comes around every year. I love football and I especially love my Ravens but that’s not what made me cry this year. It was definitely the commercials. Not the funny goat or the crazy retirement home or the weird make-out scene (although I did cringe multiple times during that one). It had to be the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial (watch below).

Every year Budweiser makes a touching and endearing commercial and I have to brace myself for the emotional meltdown. A few years ago, there was a Budweiser commercial that featured a colt that just wanted to be like his big brothers and tried to pull the famous Budweiser wagon. He couldn’t pull it on his own, so two other Clydes helped by pushing on the back. Of course, the little guy thought he did it all by himself. Emotional meltdown! Oh, you weren’t aware that you were supposed to sob uncontrollably? Well, I got that memo and proceeded to do just that in front of a room of people. Heck, anytime I talk about the commercial I become teary eyed.

But this year, I thought I had the upper hand when the Budweiser commercial became available early on YouTube. After locating some tissues and eating some chocolate, I thought that I was as prepared as I could be to watch this tear-jerker.

What a mistake. I made it through approximately three seconds before sobbing about the tiny, little foal featured in the ad. It brought back memories of the horses as babies and witnessing their early developmental stages. The part that really got to me had to be the end when the man and horse “hugged”. I give my horses hugs all the time and know how awesome it can be to have this massive animal stop and connect with you. Until they step on your foot; the hug will officially end at that point.

The bonus part of this commercial was the Twitter promotion to name the foal featured in the commercial. Names and hugs? I’m in! I submitted my suggestion but the company went with the name “Hope”, although “Buddy”, “Barley” and “Hops” were in the running.

Of course, when the Budweiser commercial aired during the Superbowl I cried like a baby despite having already watched it online. I was under the false impression that I would only need to grab the tissues once for the Clyde commercial. Nope.

The favorite commercial from this past Sunday is the “God Made a Farmer” ad by Dodge and in usual fashion, I cried. It was amazing and touching to have such recognition given to the elements of farming that are as diverse as the farming communities across the country. The Farm doesn’t produce or make a farming product (unless you consider awesomeness a product) but I definitely felt a connection to the simple and hard life of farming.

The humorist in me felt the need to add to the Paul Harvey now famous speech. Mr. Harvey failed to mention that farmers are constantly digging hay out of unmentionable places, dealing with angry roosters who want to challenge you in a race of death, blanketing horses in under 15 minutes during a wind storm, fashioning a belt out of bailing twine, making creative tractor patterns while scrapping a muddy pasture, and figuring out the many uses for manure. I’m not sure that any company will want to use my additional farming suggestions for a commercial but I believe, in my oh so humble opinion, that it would make for on heck of a tear-jerker. Although, the tears would probably be from laughter.

Meg B. lives in Newburg, chronicling life on a small family farm with plenty of animals, fanatical family members, and loads of adventures.

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