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Shippensburg Area School District to conduct school climate survey

16 January 2013 No Comment


Shippensburg Area School District hopes a school climate survey helps the district identify what it’s doing well and what can improve.

The district has partnered with the Pennsylvania Department of Education to conduct a pilot school climate survey. It can be found on the main page of the district’s Web site www.shipk12.org.

“PDE is developing the survey and was looking for schools to test it out for them,” said Nicole Weber, assistant business administrator for the district. “The director of Safe Schools was at a meeting in November and asked we were interested in helping with that. We said it sounded like a good idea.”

There are specific versions of the survey available for students, staff, parents and community members.

On the main page of the Web Site lists links for the parent/guardian and community member surveys. Examples from the parent survey include statements with varying degrees of agreement:
- My child’s school is a supportive and inviting place for students.
- At this school there are good supports for all children, including children with learning problems.
- Adults at the school have high expectations for all children.

“It can show certain areas where we need to improve or an area we’re doing well at,” said Weber. “We can implement those positive practices in other areas. The parents’ component is very important. Sometimes they see things a lot differently when they’re not in the building each day.”

The district sent copies of the survey to all staff members and is working with computer lab teachers to allow students to take the survey.

The survey is available until Feb. 28 and is anonymous to complete. The district is placing Connect Ed phone calls to notify families about the survey.

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