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BLOG: Welcome to ‘Life in the Buggy Lane’

15 January 2013 No Comment

NOTE: “Meg B.” wishes to remain anonymous, and therefore will not be sharing her full name.


Hello and welcome to Life in the Buggy Lane! I’m Meg B. and this is a look into the life of a girl just trying to hold it together on a family farm.

Located just outside of Shippensburg in the town of Newburg, I will provide insights into dealing with family and farm animals. Often times the advice is similar.

Meg B.'s dad and their horse Big Mike. (Courtesy)

My farming journey begins with a not so country beginning. Having been raised in Baltimore for the first few years of my life, horses and other country related animals were a bit rare.

After moving to a small town in Pennsylvania, I was able to help out on a horse breeding farm and eventually acquired four horses. I was boarding my horses at not so great barns and driving three to four times daily to take care of feedings and clean-up. Unfortunately, as many horse owners find, some boarding facilities are not run up to snuff. I grew tired of this environment and began to look for a farm that would be the ideal place to raise horses and family.

The farm is a converted former Amish homestead of approximately five-plus acres close enough to civilization not to feel too remote but far enough away from major populations. No stop light in the town and my neighbors are Amish. Buggies galore! Fruit and vegetable stands run by barefoot children! It was instant love.

One moment that my sister, Yogi as I will call her on this blog, remembers is the day we were bringing the horses up to The Farm. She and Dad were waiting on Mom and I to arrive when he looked at her and said “Did you ever think we would be here?”. It’s one of those moments that I look back on when the mucking needs to be done and a water hydrant has broken and 50 bales of hay need to be brought done for the run-in.

There were (and sometimes still are) moments that we doubted ourselves and many times when we questioned why we would want to take on this massive responsibility. But we don’t quit because too many people and animals rely on us to make the best decisions. Is it easy? Absolutely not, as many will testify to, but it the only way I can see myself living out my years.

I will forewarn you that this blog will often be sarcastic and I hope it will be a source of laughter for all. I plan to share past and present events from the renovation of the summer kitchen to the vintage tractor graduation present to the leg injury that nearly cost me my precious Spirit, it’s all included as a part of our history.

Writing about farm life helps to document and preserve the journey and accomplishments that have come over the years. It can be overwhelming to look back through those posts and see what we started with and how we managed to make farm life work when we started as naïve, wide-eyed, and eager buggers. But we’ve made it work and we’ve managed to stay a family. That’s all that matters.

Meg B. lives in Newburg, chronicling life on a small family farm with plenty of animals, fanatical family members, and loads of adventures.

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