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BLOG: Resolutions for a better you in 2013

8 January 2013 No Comment


Happy 2013! Now that the confetti has settled and the champagne hangovers have gone away, its time to reflect on 2012 and plan for the new year ahead. What did you love about last year, and what would you like to improve?

Resolutions are great for making changes, and a new year is the perfect time to start fresh. Below, I’ve made a list of some resolutions you might want to try out. I’ve tried to keep them all low-key, so they’ll be easier to stick with. No pressure to try them all!

1. Make small lifestyle changes – No need to train until you can run a marathon or become a environmentalist. Take small steps to improve your health, such as taking the stairs to your dorm room or classroom, and recycle your old magazines and drink bottles on campus. I collect my plastic shopping bags and every few months I take them back to a local store such as Giant or Wal-Mart to have them recycled.

2. Give back – You don’t have to travel overseas to volunteer at an orphanage, (but that’s really awesome if you do!) simply go through your closet every few months and donate clothing items you no longer wear. If you see a buy one, get one free sale on a food or cleaning item you usually buy, donate the second item to a food pantry or homeless shelter.

3. Keep a positive attitude – Not all of 2013’s 365 days will go your way, but going into the new year with a positive approach will help you focus on the good. On the morning of New Year’s Day, one of my friends posted this quote on his Facebook page: “Remember 2012 for the great things that were, and in 2013, look forward to the great things that will be.”

4. Try something new – The Thought Lot, the Shippensburg Arts Programming and Education and the Shippensburg Public Library all offer classes and activities year-round to inspire you and teach something new. You might end up with a cool new hobby, or at the very least learn something about yourself.

5. Rekindle an old passion – New is great, but sometimes things from the past can be just as good. Has it been awhile since you picked up that musical instrument you used to love? Is that fancy camera you received several Christmases ago now gathering dust in a closet? You don’t have to completely reinvent yourself in the new year to find happiness and excitement.

6. Go on a diet – from technology – New years bring new gadgets, but all those digital connections can weaken our offline ties. Pick one day a week to cut all the cords. Read something printed on paper, enjoy a garden that isn’t on FarmVille, or have real “FaceTime” with friends.

How do you plan to make 2013 great?

Sarah Gilbert is a Shippensburg University graduate who decided to stay in the area after completing her degree. A self-described “caseworker extraordinaire,” Sarah hopes to meet and talk with people while making her rounds to Shippensburg night spots.

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