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Suspects tell police they broke in and stole items from 20+ vehicles in Shippensburg’s west end

19 December 2012 No Comment


Shippensburg Police are in the process of interviewing three males who admitted to breaking into at least 20 vehicles in Shippensburg’s west end area about a month ago.

Because the case is active, police have not released any names. No one has been charged at this point, said Officer Eric Varner.

A few weeks after police released this surveillance photo as part of an investigation into credit cards stolen from a vehicle and used at several locations, the suspects told police they broke into at least 20 vehicles in the west end.

Police made contact with the men, who Police Chief Fred Scott said are two adults and one teenager, after releasing surveillance footage of them about a month ago as part of an investigation of the fraudulent use of credit cards contained in a purse stolen days before from a woman’s vehicle on Lurgan Avenue. The credit cards were used in multiple locations, according to a news release on the incident.

Police learned of the scope of the vehicle break-in activity from the suspects themselves, for police only received two reports on such incidents, one of which was for the noted purse and credit cards, Scott said.
“I guess they were doing the counting. It would have been their benefit if it was one or two (vehicles),” he added.

Overall, the suspects told police they broke into more than 20 vehicles on Lurgan Avenue, Franklin Heights Avenue and Stewart Place, and took items including GPS devices, coins, wallets and more, Scott said. The suspects added that most of the cars were unlocked.

Scott encouraged anyone whose vehicle may be involved in this case to file a police report so police can charge the suspects to the fullest extent.

Also, police can use police reports to determine who each item found belongs to and return them to owners, Scott said. Otherwise, property will either go to the state or be thrown away.

Police have also been dealing with thefts of packages, specifically Christmas packages, from porches around town, Scott said. Such incidents have been happening once or twice a week.

Just Monday, police unsuccessfully chased a person who nabbed a package from an Orange Street property, Scott said. A U.S. Postal worker has reported package thefts in the area of Burd and Fort streets.

Police know of three black men who have stolen packages off two porches in that area, Scott said.

The incidents police know about involve packages delivered by U.S. Postal Service, meaning the list of thefts is likely longer with other carriers like FedEx and UPS included, Scott said.

Anyone with information regarding a vehicle break-in, package theft or other police matter can call Shippensburg Police Department at 532-7361.
Amber South can be reached at asouth@publicopinionnews.com and 262-4771.

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