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Shippensburg University Council of Trustees decide to apply old dormitory names to new residence halls

12 December 2012 No Comment


The first three new residence halls at Shippensburg University now have identities.

Presidents’ Hall stands near the south side of campus, and McLean Hall II and Seavers Hall stand side by side on the north side.

The SU Council of Trustees recently named the three buildings that compose phase one of a three-phase, $200 million project to replace the university’s eight residence halls and apartment complex built between about 35 and 50 years ago with new living-learning buildings containing full and semi suites.

McLean and Seavers are not new names to the university. McLean Hall II stands beside McLean Hall, built in 1967. Seavers Hall stands next to Seavers Apartment Complex, built in 1976.

To ensure that the university contributors who the old dormitories are named after will not be lost to history, the Council of Trustees decided to begin the trend of applying old dormitory names to the new residence halls, said Michael Schaul, chair of the Council of Trustees.

“We felt strongly, because those halls were named what they were named and so many thousands of people lived in them over the years, that we shouldn’t change those names,” he said.

Many of the old halls were named for people who served many years to the university whether with action or finances, Schaul said.

Once McLean Hall comes down, the “II” will be removed from the name of the new building, he added. With the project’s schedule, it is not expected that a new and old building will have to share a name for a period of time, Schaul said.

Presidents’ Hall was named in recognition of the presidents who have served the university throughout its history. Many presidents’ names are attached to parts of the university, but the trustees wanted to do something to also recognize those whose names have not been marked on the campus, Schaul said.

The names of all presidents will be on display inside the building, Schaul added.

The trustees also approved beginning the third and last phase of the project.

But before any movement happens with that, phase two will begin early next year after the demolition of Kieffer, Lackhove and McCune halls and Seavers Apartment Complex.

Etter Health Center will be demolished after spring break when health services move to McLean Hall II. 

As an alumnus who spent part of his college career living on campus, Schaul finds the university’s transformation to be incredible. But besides the aesthetics, Schaul is impressed with how the project has taken place.

“The good news about it, these residence halls are student financed, students picked the developers, students picked the designs,” he said. “and it’s being totally financed by students, not taxpayer money, which I think is important to the public.”

Students who will return next semester will move into the 924 beds in Presidents, McLean II and Seavers halls this Friday through Sunday. Most of these students will come from the buildings being demolished in the spring.

The project is slated for completion in the summer of 2015. Total capacity will be 2,975 students, an increase of 260.

Shippensburg University Student Services Inc. is responsible for the financing and construction of the student-approved project.
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