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Nonuniform borough employees to get end-of-year bonus for ‘exemplary’ performance

6 December 2012 No Comment


SHIPPENSBURG — The Shippensburg borough will recognize exemplary performance of its nonuniform employees by giving them an end-of-the-year bonus using money particular employees found the borough to be paying unnecessarily.

Last spring, Borough Manager Earl Parshall was looking at a document when he came across a tax the borough should not have been paying. Nicole Bard, office manager, and Kevin Plasterer, street department, immediately got moving to find the cause, Parshall said.

“Off went Kevin and Nicole and they spent many, many hours researching and digging,” he said.

Bard and Plasterer learned that the borough had paid about $12,000 in taxes to its fuel provider, Turkey Hill. Because the borough is a municipality, it is exempt from the tax, Parshall said.

He explained that the issue began about two years ago when the borough switched to Turkey Hill for its fueling purposes. Part of the required paperwork was the tax exemption, which Bard and Plasterer learned did not go all the way through on Turkey Hill’s end.

“They researched and then we had to file all kind of paperwork with the state and federal government to get (the money) back,” Parshall said.

Shippensburg Borough Council voted 5-0 this week to “authorize an amount to not exceed $15,000 to recognize exemplary performance of (its) employees in an end-of-the-year bonus.”

Parshall said the amount will actually be the approximately $12,000 that was found. The money will be spread across 31 employees.

“The borough ended up with a windfall and we were refunded the money we did not rightfully pay,” Parshall told council at its Tuesday meeting. “In recognition of that…I thought it was time to do something to recognize the work of those individuals and the work of our nonuniform work force.”

“Council just felt they wanted to give the employees a boost in morale,” he added Thursday.

Parshall said Thursday that employees do not typically receive any kind of bonus at any time during the year. Currently, the only such incentive is an employee of the year award.

But with an “employee recognition” item marked at $1,000 in the 2013 preliminary budget, which is being advertised starting Dec. 7, that could change.

“One of the things that I have added to the budget for next year is a small amount of money to give some awards during the year,” Parshall said. “It’ll be a first in next year’s budget. I’ve been trying to get it for a while but couldn’t.”

Such awards will be given only in cases of outstanding work that benefits the borough, Parshall said.
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