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BLOG: Petite presents for small spaces

18 December 2012 No Comment


In just a week Christmas will be coming, if the Mayans and their predictions don’t get us first. If you still haven’t decided what to ask Santa for, or you’re stumped about what to give someone else, I have some suggestions for you. These gifts are specifically for college students and young adults in their first apartment:

1. Tiny tunes – stereos are too big and boom boxes haven’t been cool since John Cusack was a twenty-something. Nearly everyone under 30 owns an iPod, MP3 player or some other sort of small music player. An iHome is a great compact way to blast music in a small space. For a more affordable gift, consider mini speakers that plug into the headphone jack of the music player.

2. Efficient exercise – A weight bench is too expensive and elliptical machines take up too much room. Gym memberships are great but require the motivation to actually go to the fitness center. How about some small dumbbells, resistance bands, kettle bells or a balance ball? All items can be used while watching a favorite TV show from the comfort and convenience of the living room and are easily stored away in a closet when not in use.

3. Compact cleaning – I recently got the Dirt Devil Versa vacuum for

Dirt Devil

my place. I needed to clean up after my cat, Felix, but I didn’t have the money or space for a regular-sized vacuum. The Versa is powerful enough to clean hard floors and carpets, and the handle detaches so it can be used as a hand-held vacuum as well. For around $20, it’s one of my favorite apartment investments so far.

4. Minimal movies – instead of purchasing a favorite movie and adding to a growing DVD collection, getting a membership to Netflix or Blockbuster means having a wide selection of entertainment to choose from without the clutter.

What’s on your list to give or get? How do you make the most of your living space?

Sarah Gilbert is a 2011 graduate of Shippensburg University. She lives and works in Chambersburg, Pa.

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