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Rob Kauffman wins 5th term in Pa. House

8 November 2012 No Comment


Rep. Rob Kauffman, R-Chambersburg, has secured his fifth term in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Kauffman won Tuesday with an unofficial 18,034 to 11,746 votes over challenger Susan Spicka, a Democrat from Shippensburg.

Kauffman had 61 percent of the vote to Spicka’s 39 percent. Kauffman took Franklin County precincts 15,335 to 8,997 (63 percent to 37 percent.) In rural parts of the county, Kauffman won upwards of 75 percent of the vote.

Kauffman also narrowly won the six precincts in Cumberland County by 2,821 to 2,809.

Kauffman called “a successful re-election” at 11:35 p.m. with Guilford One not yet reporting. Attempts to reach Kauffman were unsuccessful. Spicka won three of Chambersburg’s eight precincts.

“It does not look good,” said Spicka, as she waited for the last precincts. “It appears I will not be winning.”

Spicka, an education activist, entered the race early in the year. She managed to raise several thousand dollars from political action committees.

Kauffman agreed to a single debate on radio, and otherwise ran a low-key campaign.

“We have changed the conversation about the priorities that Harrisburg needs to have,” Spicka said. “I am so proud of everyone who donated their time.”

Spicka said her concern about education funding cuts drove her to seek public office. She criticized Kauffman for taking “taxpayer-funded lunch money,” or a per diem, for every day the House is in session. She talked about reforming Harrisburg.

Kauffman countered that he has been trying to reform the Legislature, and introduced a bill to reduce its size. He said he fought for fiscal discipline.

Both targeted job creation in their campaigns.


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