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ShipGirl Diaries: #lessonsfromthenews

12 January 2012 One Comment

Exhibit A (Photo by Morgan Young)

BY MORGAN YOUNG; Blogger/Staff writer

I love the police log.

I mean I really love the police log. You know why? I know I have expressed this sentiment before, but the police log is hilarious. Keep in mind this opinion is coming from an avid reader of the Huffington Post’s dumb criminals section.

There are just so many times that I’ve read a police release about an incident and said out loud, “Yep that was stupid.” Now there are definitely incidences where a bad luck and unknowingly being in the wrong place at the wrong time have combined to make a pretty bad police log entry and then I do feel sorry for the people involved.

There are others where the person or persons involved could have avoided being part of one of the most read section of the newspaper and ShipNewsNow website and then it’s  just cryptically amusing.

For those you who don’t think people read the police log, I want to present this anecdote. A month or so ago we got a call about an incorrect fact in one of our police log entries. The mother of one of the people involved in an assault incident that the police sent a release to us about called to complain that we named her son as a perpetrator when he was actually the victim.

She was totally right. I do want to say that the mistake was a totally innocent one that was made because of the sometimes hard to decipher format of some of the incident reports we get.

So, we called the woman back to apologize and notify her that the mistake had been corrected. She then told us that her family learned about it when her son went to a job interview and was confronted by his potential employer about it.

We all felt horrible! We definitely don’t want to make a mistake that could stall the opportunities of anybody, especially in this unstable economy. So you see employers read too.

In an effort to combat some of the avoidable crimes in the area, I decided to create a hashtag on my @ShipNewsGirl twitter account with some valuable lessons from the news — #lesssonsfromthenews

Here are some of my first tweet installments:

Jan. 10: #lessonsfromthenews Don’t kick a state trooper when he comes to your house, it will not end well.

Jan. 11: #lessonsfromthenews Don’t be surprised if you end up with a totaled car and a ticket after trying to revenge “brake check” someone.

Jan. 11: #lessonsfromthenews your purse is prob going to get stolen if you leave it lying around in a bar at 1 a.m. #justsaying

Jan 12: #lessonsfromthenews bartering store items for drugs, strippping and beating a man is not a good store exchange policy bit.ly/zVacHH

Morgan Young is the Shippensburg staff writer for Public Opinion newspaper and helps to operate ShipNewsNow.com. The 22-year-old graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in print journalism and a minor in creative writing fromWest Virginia University in 2011. As a self described news junkie and food addict, Young enjoys staring at Twitter and Google News while eating anything in sight.

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