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BLOG: Living Forever Lazy

30 December 2011 2 Comments


Three days after Christmas and I’m all curled up with my laptop and some magazines, nothing out of the ordinary, except the fact that I am dressed like a blueberry.

I’m usually not a fashionista when I’m just lounging around on a Wednesday night; however, dressed in a blue fleece body suit with a butt-zip isn’t my normal style.

If you haven’t guessed by now I’m wearing a Forever Lazy, the newest blanket alternative with a hilariously cheesy commercial.  My new lounge wear was given to me as a Christmas gift by my boyfriend, along with a Sephora Gift card, Mario Kart for Wii and Keurig Cups.

Thanks to him I look forward to many nights playing Mario Kart while sipping some Keurig brewed hot chocolate wearing overly priced makeup channeling my inner Violet Beauregarde.

I was not expecting him to get me a Forever Lazy but what I expected less was to love it! Am I the only one that thinks 99 percent of “as seen” on TV products are just for novelty?

For example, the Snuggie hanging in my closet has no back to it, not very practical or warm, the bumblebee Pillowpet to my left  is  so cute, but as a pillow its lumpy head and wings are very uncomfortable.

As much as I love my Forever Lazy I am able to step back and realize how utterly ridiculous I look. The makers of Forever Lazy obviously don’t take that into consideration when making their commercials. I can’t argue that just like the commercial promises you’ll be the “talk of the tail gate,” but it probably won’t be in a good way. Also, I don’t think I’m going to sport my Forever Lazy when I “party it up with friends” either.

It may seem obvious not to wear a Forever Lazy or Snuggie out around town, but what we have here is an example of a dilemma many people face on a daily basis: comfort vs. fashion.

In my opinion not wanting to leave the warmth and comfort of my Forever Lazy is just as justifiable as not wanting to leave the cushioned comfort of Uggs, which are debatably the ugliest shoes ever created – and I’m using the term debately very loosely.

At some point we all sacrifice comfort for fashion and vice versa. I find it best to be somewhere in the middle. Obviously going out in public in your Snuggie is pushing the comfort envelope, but a fleece zip up and some jogging pants is a more acceptable alternative.

Bottom line, as much as I’d love to live in my Forever Lazy at some point we all need to get out of our metaphorical Forever Lazy’s and make room for fashion.

Sarah Eyd is a sophomore at Shippensburg University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Print Journalism. An upstate NY native, Eyd moved to Franklin County in high school. When not blogging for Ship and Chiffon she can be found browsing Reddit and Pinterest and watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey.


  • Wanda H. said:

    Love the tounge in cheek tone of “foever lazy”! Sarah takes an honest look at the fine line between what some people think in fashion and being comforatable. Thanks for printing this humorous blog on a new view on fashion!

  • Thomas M. said:

    I think a Forever Lazy is just very fashion forward. Kidding, but it does look rather comfy… However, as you said… Honestly, I rather look great in public, even if it means suffering a little (unless I’m on campus, mid to late semester, sporting a pair of navy blue sweatpants, a monochromatic newsprint shirt, a grey pea coat, beat up slip-on shoes, and my hair looking like Medusa’s). Although tempting to wear to classes… It’s a bit ridiculous looking, and I feel like the personal flaps are well… a little too personal for public exposure. :P