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ShipGirl Diaries: The Tour d’ Shippensburg

29 November 2011 3 Comments

BY MORGAN YOUNG; Blogger/Staff writer

I have to say, I’m loving the response to my buggy post. Its surprising to me for two reasons: One, I really didn’t think my random thoughts were interesting enough for people to want to read; two, I learning some new things about the Amish that I can put in my designated Amish research folder.

It’s actually not really a folder more like a word document where I put all my questions about them and any new information I can gleen from those who I deem to be more informed than myself on the subject.

I promise to try and keep this short, but I’ve gotten some new feedback, here’s some of it:

1.    A Facebook follower let me know that what I saw was a Mennonite buggy, Amish buggies are gray. Although, a fellow reporter did make me skeptical of this info, calling hooey. I think the words used were something along the lines of, “Some people act like they’re experts and actually have no idea what they are talking about.”

2.    A Twitter follower said that he might introduce me to a local carriage shop, which I think would be so cool. I would love to do a story about the whole buggy process and occasionally slip in an inappropriate buggy quip like, “Can you show me the Carfax for this one?,” “Is it better to lease or buy,” or “I like the one with the cupholders and extra feedbag.” Just for clarification, I wouldn’t really say these things …out loud.

3.    A Facebooker also expressed her confusion at the difference between Amish and Mennonite, which, of course, made me feel better about my own ignorance so it warmed my heart.

But the best comment was from one of my frequent sources, who brought me up to speed on an impromptu Amish event that apparently occurs on Sundays.

My source asked me why I didn’t mention the bikers that follow the buggies around. I’ve never heard or  seen this so of course I responded accordingly,


Paraphasing he replied, “On Sunday mornings, the on the move buggies are followed by bike clad children. It’s kind of like a mini Tour d’Shippensburg.”

I was done. Laughter was not even a remotely appropriate response to that comment. So, I have decided to find one of these Tour d ‘Shippensburg’s and I call on my fellow Amish obsessed to alert me of them if you happen to come across one.

Tweet me, post a pic on my wall, youtube it, anything! I must see this parade of Amishism.

Anyway, thanks for your continued attention and your responses. Again, I absolutely love it.


  • Dan said:

    Park yourself on Walnut Bottom road at the Brookside Market in the sleepy hollow of Walnut Bottom, Pa. (Very good pizza btw) later in the afternoon on a Sunday, you will see your fill of Amish bikers on those cool lay down bikes and regular bikes.

  • myoung said:

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks for the tip! I’m def have to do that this soon. Can’t wait!


  • Matt Frickles said:

    there are just some know-it-all people out there who are attention seeker but then again, they create enormous responses from other readers and that makes the post more fun! :)